(Porto Alegre - RS, 1988) lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. In her practice, Stoffel investigates the possible unfolding of the "pictorial" in objects and space. Her preoccupation with the function of the image at the present time is evident in her paintings, which, in fact, go beyond "painting": Gokula applies techniques of this media in remaining industrial materials, pieces of glass and varied types of fabrics, in order to create fragmented spatial collages


2018 Change-Change Project; Budapest - Hungary

2018 Para-Sol; Pivô, São Paulo - SP

2018 Rise of Venus; Auroras, São Paulo - SP

2017 Anxious Madonna; Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel Galpão, São Paulo - SP


2016 Arts & the Politics of Individuation - Program consisting of 40 lectures by thinkers in many areas. Among the participants, Franco "Bifo" Berardi, Hito Steyerl, Julieta Aranda, Nicolas Bourriaud, Armen Avanessian and Helen Hester; Saas Fee Summer Institute of Arts, Berlin - Germany.

2016 Entropic School: Integrated Program - Deepening of research and discussion of artistic practice through individual orientation and study group. Advisors: Galciani Neves and Vitor Cesar; Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo - SP.


2016 What is the contemporary? - Analysis of texts by Agamben, Nietzsche, Kant, Deleuze and Foucault. Professor: Peter Pál Pelbart; b_arco, São Paulo - SP.


2015 to 2017 Painting: Practical Investigations and Critical Accompaniment. Professors: Regina Parra and Rodolpho Parigi; Espaço Aldeia, São Paulo - SP.


2014 Use of the image in Art History - Analysis of texts by Georges Didi-Huberman. Professor: Carlos Fajardo; Atelier of the artist, São Paulo - SP.


2013 Vitamin Painting - Production accompaniment and debates with guest artists. Professor: Bruno Dunley; Ateliê Coletivo 2e1, São Paulo - SP.


2012 to 2016 Contemporary Art, for example - Analysis on the production of contemporary artists. Professor: Pedro França; MAM, São Paulo - SP.


2012 Study Group and Contemporary Art Production Professors: Pedro França and Paulo Miyada; Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo - SP.


2012 Provenance and Propriety - 300 hour workshop on drawing and conceptualization. Professors: Charles Watson, Cadu Costa, Eduardo Berliner and Frederico Carvalho; Charles Watson’s Studio, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.


2017 A Tuft of Bristles, Strongly Attached to a Cable, Curated by Bruno Mendonça; Epicentro Jardins, São Paulo - SP.

2017 The Third Hand, Curated by Erika Verzutti; Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel Gallery, São Paulo - SP.

2016 Individuation as an Instrument of Abstraction, Curated by Jennifer Teets; Kunstverein, Berlin - Germany.

2016 Visit, Decorated, Oriented by Ananda Carvalho; House for Rent, São Paulo-SP.

2016 Pandora, Curated by Paula Borghi; The Space Station, San Juan - Puerto Rico.

2016 Abre Alas #12, Curated by Adriana Varejão, Paula Borghi and André Sheik; A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

2016 I Scream, Oriented by Galciani Neves and Regina Parra; Galpão Glicério, São Paulo - SP.

2014 Painting Today, Curated by Bruno Dunley; Ateliê Coletivo 2e1, São Paulo - SP.

2014 21st Plastic Arts Hall of Praia Grande, Curated by Tobi Maier; Praia Grande - SP


2018 Pivô Research: Residency Program; Pivô, São Paulo - SP.

2014 21st Plastic Arts Hall of Praia Grande, Acquisition Prize; Curated by Tobi Maier; Praia Grande - SP.